About the Writer

Jessica is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in business with a minor in health science at Idaho State University. She lives in Boise, Idaho with her husband and their three cats (Elsa, Elphie, and Yzma) and two chihuahuas (Cocoa and Gizmo).

When she is not reading, writing, or spending time with her pets, Jessica enjoys exploring downtown Boise, wandering the greenbelts, hiking the beautiful Boise foothills, and spending time with her family.

Despite being diagnosed with cystic fibrosis as an infant, Jessica has been able to maintain her health through a carefully monitored vegan, whole food diet, and homeopathic treatments as necessary for the various symptoms associated with the disease. Cystic fibrosis is a genetic disease of the pancreas which affects the lungs and digestive systems of its victims. Each case is different, Jessica feels blessed to have only a mild strand of the disease.

Jessica is currently writing her first novel, an autobiography focused on her childhood: a story of overcoming abuse and fear,  while striving to master forgiveness, find a true home, and never stop growing.


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